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“After just one use of the Wheel Comfort Padded Footplate, I looked down and saw my feet were at peace… the first time in 25 years! It is extremely convenient, easy to clean and maintain, and fits perfectly to my existing wheelchair footplate.”
- Scott C, T6 Para
“Wheel Comfort instantly improved my quality of life!”
- Darren, C3 Quad
“Wheelchair users, like everyone else, are not always wearing footwear. The compromise of foot support in the absence of footwear places the wheelchair user at considerable risk for injury. A simple and safe solution for foot support and protection in the absence of footwear, such as the Wheel Comfort Padded Footplate, is desperately needed.”
- Thomas R. Hetzel, PT, ATP • CEO, Ride Designs / Aspen Seating
”I love the footplate you sent. I use it all the time at home or whenever I go to the pool, pretty much any time I’m going to be barefoot. It works great and I love not always having my foot flying off the footplate when I don’t have shoes on! So, if you ask me, it’s fabulous! The size is perfect, too.”
- Susan Katz • US Para Olympic Swim Team
“I often encourage my patients who use wheelchairs to ‘air out their feet’ and go barefoot whenever possible at home or wherever. Going barefoot daily is just as important to the person with a disability as it is for the able-bodied individual. This product provides adequate cushioned support for the feet-- that is not currently available on the market. I have seen the positive benefits in those who use Wheel Comfort Padded Footplates, and wish they were accessible to the general wheelchair bound population.”
- Pratiksha P. Chesney, PT, DPT